25 November 2008

los angeles noche numero uno

sorry this took so damn long,
i kept getting crazy errors every time i uploaded photos.
trace you're the best and we love you tons.....

chico been busy while i was gone

old news i know...
yeah obama 56 days 11 hrs 25 mins 7.3 secs
and counting down...

24 November 2008

19 November 2008

esta noche esta bueno

we had one little errand (ummm, find this record)
and then we were on our way to jam with dj chardonnay...

but we got side tracked by the temptation of esta noche,
where you are greeted with this larger than life image... wow

and these... triple wow!

cheers to my first ever esta noche pina colada,
...and my last memory

buenos noches esta noches... xoxo

up up and away.............

so long suckers!

hola california

06 November 2008

moving on up, congratulations boyz

luv my friends wit big ass pimpin bachelor pads, you know pool tables and shit...
nyc, what?