25 May 2009

24 May 2009

newton nature walk

this park(?) is crazy!
went there to scout it out for a shoot and was blown away by how awesome (and weird) it is...
this nature/art park is in greenpoint off mcguinness and right next to the water (ummm, really waste) treatment plant.
you can read an article about it here.
it's pretty cool i'd check it out if you in the hood.
fyi it smells a little funky monkey.

here's some random stuff we saw on our way back home...

only a virgo....

would get this excited about a storage unit...
so yes, big news in my life is a little 4x5 plot of closet in lower manhattan.
hell yes! and it's just a few blocks from my house.
another exciting weekend in the big apple rearranging my stuff:)

11 May 2009

chubby bunny!

sort of a new theme i guess...
went scouting in connecticut and ended up on this farm
spring time! piglets and more!

wild things

this show was pretty wild,
like in a wild animal way, AND a crazy way.
there is more to see and be surprised by...
you'll have to go see for yourself...

bunny series by kate kunath