31 December 2008


here is a little compilation of 31 second films from the last 31 days of my 31st year here on planet earth, and mostly in new york city...

if you can't make it through my other boring video work, good luck with this one... it's 16 minutes and 28 seconds of b.s.
thank you to those that have made cameos with or without knowing it:)

at least i finished it before i turned 32... it really is a new year!


17 December 2008

friends in high places

another day, another dollar...
but not while you are mooching free drinks at a fancy party in the penthouse of thor...
the view from the roof is pretty spectacular, not to mention the old school hot tub.
thanks for letting me crash your party buddies.
"punk rocker" by teddybears & chelsea hotel #2 by leonard cohen

happy birthday december babies

birthday birthday birthday...
you december kids are wearing me out.
i have little to no voice left,
but happy we didn't crash in the karaoke car service party van.
try to get luisa from northside before she gets fired, in an accident, or both.

snow dope

today big giant snowflakes fell from the sky.
it was snow awesome.

13 December 2008

clouds on another day

i really appreciate the little sky we have here in manhattan...
especially when it is crystal clear blue with big cotton puff clouds
"the cloud" elevator to hell & "clear blue skies" juggaknots

pink puffy clouds

before polaroid decided to call it quits i would shoot clouds out my bedroom window on sundays.
now its digital and not as much fun...
but these clouds were pink so they made me happy (...of course.)

dress up... i mean very important appointment

a glimpse at my everyday life...
as you can see i have very important business to take care of.
at least i am giving fashion pointers to the lost and confused.
(ha! more like the blind leading the blind)
jk, i do serious stuff (sometimes), this was a coffee break...
striking resemblance carter and i

12 December 2008

tday 2008

yeah i know thanksgiving was 2 weeks ago... but those who know me know i am always late.
sheet i just finished la, that was like a month ago!
thing is i am so busy all the time, it is really hard for me to carve a little room in the sched to blog.

tryptophane haze

my name is tyler. i am , i like skateboarding, cosmos, converse and heidi klum.

your hosts! da best eva...

what's next...2am tattoo time

07 December 2008

the end is here

last day in la
good bye delicious mexican food
good bye smoke filled city
good bye friends...

check out the nickel diner
yummy sweet treats to get you through the sadness of going home...
ho-made ding dongs, no duh!

03 December 2008

los angeles noche numero dos

whoa how long does this take?
sars... i swear these los angeles posts will be over soon,
i'm so sick of living in the past!

the producer in me always at work... even when i'm on vacation
guess someone needs to tell everyone what to do.
breakfast at 101, check.

drinks by the pool, check.

thai massages, check.

a smoke filled la sky. dude goes home, check.
and we're sad...

dinner at el chavo, (sorry tommy's next time!)
drinks up the street, hollywood star sighting, check.
and that shit wasn't even on the list!

oh elliot, whyja do it?

home in one piece, sort of, check. thanks xavi.