28 September 2010

to do, to blog

home for a few weeks, at least 4 in a row, hooray!
i have a big banging to do list... at the top, posting from my "to blog" file
and finishing my 2009 taxes.  as you can see...
i am not working on my taxes, yet.
there's always tomorrow.
for now here are some pics from a little jaunt to fire island
i got to soak up some sun sand and cervezas for a day or two
thanks jen!  it was sooo fun!

14 September 2010

gracefully always comes through on a late night dinner... and the sapporo. perfect.

08 September 2010

what the hell have you been doin?

zip zinging ping ponging to and fro west coast east coast
nor cal so cal and back again, sorta.
wedged a 4 day shoot for stewart tabori & chang...
a delicious new craft book by kelly wilkinson. 
it's pretty exciting, and we were pretty excited to shoot at an awesome cottage in stinson for 3 super duper days... we all crushed out on this sleepy little town nestled between the beach on the foothills.
sunrise, coffee, coffee cake, shoot shoot shoot, lunch,
shoot shoot shoot, dinner, wine, hot tub, bed. 
plus lots of laughs in between, start again the next day...
thanks thayer, maren, racine and of course queen crafter kk:)