28 January 2009

pretty awesome stuff in wyoming

for the most part there was nothing in wyoming to look at, except the beautiful wide open road and land on either side for miles and miles... darn exciting for a city girl. if you ever have the chance drive through, stop at every rest stop or gas station you can, they have the most amazing shit! if i wasn't completely over capacity with luggage you all would have dream catcher wind chimes, wooden jewelry boxes with iridescent hologram kitty and horse applique, and big fuzzy eagle blankets...oh and how could i forget to mention the wrap around murals in the bathroom.
high 5 flying j cheyenne!

25 January 2009

a little utah...

got to get out and get around the west for a minute...
a little photoshoot field trip to utah for a deer valley ski resort...
sounds awesome!

but really we shot inside a warehouse in this crazy corporate park
at least you could still see the mountains.

i forget which religious sect this monster belongs to,
but there's a whole square of 'em.
i was sort of surprised they didn't leave their lights on in a cross formation.

the capital was fun too, it was open to the public...
i guess all night, cuz i strolled in about 9pm.

24 January 2009

goodbye denver

this video is so boring i fell asleep editing it... enjoy xx

09 January 2009

bd there and back

there on the b, back on the d
no new news with "the chills" by peter bjorn & john, but it is wintertime now.
i borrowed some music off a micromix from these guys, thanks!

07 January 2009

ole miss

lil bit of ole miss fer ya...
kurt and i got to do some splorin'
it was real perdy.

05 January 2009

finding arthur

good old fashion family bonding time at the cemetery
the music is hands down the best part...
"a cloud to the back" sam prekop & "don't ask"(final fantasy remix) grizzly bear

03 January 2009

home sweet home

well i'm home sweet home from old sweet home...
you can take the girl outta detroit, but you can't take detroit outta the girl

friends of friends have an annual christmas party in the rectory of the oldest polish church in detroit, he's inherited a position on the board of the non-profit that takes care of this place on yet another vacant and desolate block of detroit,
near hamtramck of course.

pizza party at supino pizzeria in eastern market...
extremely delicious and highly recommended! (oh and byob...)

flat lands near the cemetery where pops and the rest of the family r.i.p

you know you're old when...

your pants from when you were 12 are described as "vintage" in a nylon editorial.
wait a minute... should i be admitting i owned these?
fuck it, they were guess and it was the 80's.