31 October 2009

color story, yellow...

exciting and scary, not halloween

well... it has been a month in the process
and for those of you who believe, yes, the cosmos came through...
i got it!
storefront in the east village
whoot whoot!
soon to be grand 'ol office and gallery
currently, it's a hot mess
but great things to come of course
and if anyone has great things to offer, $$$, ideas, love
please send my way:)
i could use all 3

28 October 2009

riverside ride sunday

got a little later than i was hoping, but was a beautiful day
rode my little fuji cruiser uptown, the goal was 97th and columbus circle
got a little trapped on the riverside greenway,
and didn't figure out how to get out til 104th
i did a little better on the way home...

i'm electric

someone was measuring a cozy bedroom corner
metal measuring tape hit 2 prongs that were connected to an outlet
and then poof!!!
black smoke and lights out.
i'm in one piece.
everything is a little charred, melted and fried.
"electric feel" by mgmt and "electric bloom" by foals

my friends find me fryes

i'm one lucky girl, perfect condition vintage fryes!

27 October 2009

oh my mama you're a bad mama

my poor little kombucha babies have been seriously neglected...
this one was left from june 20th until my return from summer vacay on 9.24.09
that adds up to 3 months of kombucha baby growth.
it got gigante!
and it was pretty gnar gnar when i had to abort...

whoa monster kombucha...

new brew, i still love you

21 October 2009

nyc throught the cold and the rain

the weather was pretty cold and rainy while my big sis was here for her first visit to nyc in 15 years, and her first visit to me ever! we braved the elements and got out and about as much as our little feet could handle...
we hit chelsea market
highline park
union square, and whole foods
free friday at the moma
then we went and ate our FACES off at lil frankies
quiet dinner for 2 turned into dinner with 5
wine, appetizers, more wine, dinner, more wine, then grappa AND dessert
our waiter sensed our celebratory nature and brought us a birthday cake for freezie:)
thanks lupi!

grey grey skyline

my sister loves her photo ops! (not, but i sneak them in anyway)

we must have stirred our appetites with all of these campbell soup cans and fakie desert compliments to the chefs andy warhol and claes oldenburg.... mmm mmm good!

two divas, one photo

19 October 2009

holy cmj

cmj starts tomorrow and it is a little nutty
check the schedule here
my sister and roommate were having a good laugh at me trying to figure out what i was gonna see
and what i am going to miss.
i'm getting old
i'm not sure i'm up for this with all the wee whippersnappers...

17 October 2009

manda bala and man on fire

one kidnapping movie led to another....
manda bala is most certainly worth while
if not only for the imagery and architecture of sao paolo
brace yourself cuz there are some definite grody parts...
man on fire is pretty action packed, and lots of blowing things and people up.
a little on the commercial side, denzel, mickey rouke and marc antony...
i've seen enough kidnapping movies to now think twice about traveling by myself in latin america... maybe i am just getting old

os gemeos

got a good look at this upon my return from the wild west
figured i would post photos before it gets painted over...

hello nephew

here is a bundle of love and chub at 6 months...
he had a doctor's appointment and is happy and healthy
good work mom and dad:)

16 October 2009

i am passions, photographs by mariah robertson

see naked guy in reflection?
no joke, and he's playing the trumpet
that was part of the secret performance planned by miss mariah
wow, she never ceases to amaze me!

it was jesse's first nyc art show!
she was real impressed by all the bells and whistles:)

food fiestas and sister time

big sis jesseca in town for a few days
we are doing what we do best, laughing, eating,
some more laughing and then some more eating...
we are travelling the globe in my little kitchen
noche uno, lebanon, via detroit
noche dos, mexico, via trader jose
coupled with vino from chile and france
no wonder we had to go shopping and get new pants already!
meat pies and kibbee flown in from emily's
tabouli by yours truly

ole ole! tilapia tacos, beans, rice and at least a little salad:)

15 October 2009

big love

word has been passed on about free sake with sushi
special in local greenpoint establishments.
they are not real sushi restaurants,
more like a chinese restaurants serving japonais fare.

but with free sake it will do just fine.

we voted for the love boat.
it was big, real b.i.g
thanks for the help schleping the sushi down the hatch!

apple crisp, sugar plum compote!

anyone who knows me knows i am a real wonder with turning one fish into a feast, similar to jesus.
ken and i performed some of our midwestern magic on an apple and a half and a few wilting plums from the fridge.
voila! apple crisp with sugar plum compote.
add a cup and a half of sugar to some apples and plums, sprinkle some cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, top with more sugar and rolled oats and you would never believe the results. delicious!