23 April 2009

happy earth day

doing my part to make the world a greener place...
well at least my apartment a little.

cacti are very good to cleanse negative energy from the atomosphere and to place by your computer to neutralize the electro-magnetic fields it creates.

these little dudes are gonna go in this square terracotta pot and party down together!

these hommies are my new hommies to keep me company on my desk.
to the left to the left...

to the right right

i like my new plant friends, hopefully i don't kill them like the last ones.
poor little suckers.

20 April 2009

all i have to say...

is F u U Fers that live in SF with 88 and sunny days.
it's been poopy and rainy, and probably will be all week.

here's this morning on the westside highway...

and this was sunset 2 days before...

oh new york.

16 April 2009

welcome to the world!

my new nephew!
kieran hart harrington
born april 13th 2009
9 lbs 3 oz
(kinda on the small side for the 10+ lb babies jen normally pops out)
he's healthy and adorable and i can't wait to meet him!

15 April 2009

it's the little things that count

like my tiny espresso cups that i have finally put to use after a 7 year sabbatical.

in light of saving some cash...(never mind, the coffee boiseies hook me up)

in light of looking like an ass every time i order a decaf coffee beverage,
i've busted out my machinetta for some old school fun loving ho-made espresso.
it tastes delicious, it makes my house smell like sweet roasted coffee beans,
and i can have it whenever i want without being emb-harassed:)

14 April 2009

smokin trees at the spur tree

attended a gathering with friend robbie lee
at a bar on orchard called the spur tree.
it was mello at first, plus
soju cocktails, minus
got crowded and a little douchy, another minus
smokin trees wit da jamakins, bonus bonus

one white tree

this tree is in tompkins
nothing else is blooming around it yet
i'm ready for real spring, not fake spring!
well, at least it's not covered in snow:)

09 April 2009

unsolved mysteries

ever wake up in the morning with something foreign in your bed...
like a random sock, pizza crust, boy?

well, how about a presidential notecard from mother's cookies?
yes, mr. Martin Van Buren our 8th president was nestled right there with me in my cozarelli cloud bed. ummmm huh? yeah i have no idea why i have this, where it came from or how it got in my bed. and my roommate says he didn't put it there....
any ideas?

well here are some fun historical facts regardless:
(sorry history and fun should never be in the same sentence.)

lived: 1782-1862 homestate: New York (whoot whoot!)
8th president 1837-1841
democrat (whoot whoot!)
he won with 51% of popular vote, 765,483
and the electoral college 170/294

significant events of presidency:
the republic of texas adopted a constitution 1837
the first great business depression ocurred 1837
(bummer, but i feel ya)
abner doubleday invented the game of baseball 1839
(yeah opening day!)
the national treasury was established 1840

and his famous quote
"the president of the united states of america is the only officer who is chosen by the whole people of the united states... to represent, protect and defend it in the performance of the executive duties"

good job martin.

05 April 2009

no joke

who took mr. pickles?
there were rumors...
the bandits were on skateboards!

help mama pickles, she want her man back!

cuz you're a FOX!

and i'm easy.
tell me to do something, and i'll do it.

like installing foxy tunes...
this is an browser add on so you don't have to leave your screen to play, pause or skip tunes, even adjust your volume, loud mouths...

it works with lots of media player including pandora.

so download it now foxes:)

Now playing: Jeremy Jay - Gallop
via FoxyTunes

04 April 2009

sun day sin day

well it started innocent enough
a nice chardonnay on a nice sunday afternoon after brunch...

then behold a special treat from nyc, i guess in my honor?

this bottle is fancy, and delicious...
hudson four grain bourbon whiskey

well, we took the wine down, polished off the fancy east coast whiskey...
and then it was time for the fancy west coast whiskey.
old potrero straight rye whiskey, compliments of anchor brewing.

our host also threw in a little of the gin they make too...
it tastes like 1909 in a bottle.
oh, lest me forget, a little mezcal too...
not sure where that was from but it was smokey and dangerous.

now the fun begins, inside these sunglasses.
we all spent a little time with them
you know, so we were all on the same page and all.
miss stace.

mister erik

mister jer bear

miss kare bear

miss you the most fer bear

and this is what the world looked like inside this whiskey warm sepia filled sunday sunglasses.

taking them off was a harsh and brutal reality...
so we decided to send a message in a bottle for someone to save us

...from monday, and mostly ourselves.

but then we giggled and played with taxidermied animals
and everything was ok.

the day turned into evening and we fueled up with tecates and indian food
and got on our way to see ty segall at the knockout.
no photos from that. sorry.

the end.
of my brain cells.

02 April 2009

i like you better with 2 heads

clearly, seeing double was the objective this evening...
i can't remember,
was this the night at the attic when i went through 3 rounds of vodka sodas thinking there was something really wrong with my whiskey gingers?

it was nice to meet you mr. wilson!