28 February 2010

grooms and beach fossils @ mrkt hotel

megashow at the market hotel
panache and todd p take over bushwick yet again
it got a little crowded and a little clammy
i had to bounce before turbofruits and surferblood.
grooms and beach fossils were awesome.
i'll post a video of beach fossils if i ever figure out how to edit sound.
yay! you rule!

27 February 2010

yes it's true, i love you

finally got what i wanted, my first big snow of the winter!
i missed the first two blizzards,
so while others were grumpy and unimpressed i was giddy...
stomping around in snowboots, slip sliding down sidewalks, confetti hair, snowmen, and snowball fight on the way to lunch! yay snow!
woke up to quiet schoolyards and fell asleep to the sound of snowplows...
new york i love you, and i love you too:)

26 February 2010

books books books

bookstore opening this weekend,
12-6 sat & sun wowie wowie!
check out new and old seems releases!
pick up a sweet peter sutherland poster!
visit me!
ed. vaire and seems
208 e. 7th st btwn B and C
east village nyc

opening night at ed. varie

(long awaited, sorry for the delay...)
we had a GREAT time and want to thank everyone for coming out!!!

the art, the artist, and beers!

peeps came out, and were awesome

ha ha

decompression beers and olympics post party @ odessa
THANKS friends!
love, karebear and nick

18 February 2010

mark delong @ ed varie

hung the show last night,
opening to-night
the work is totally awesome
better see your shining faces
thanks mark, thanks nick:)

17 February 2010

i love you

so here is a little mixmixfebfeb for you...
thanks for the support and encouragement over the past few months
big day, well, it's tomorrow!
xoxo karebear