25 June 2009

sir(s) mix a lot

miss you california...

so much rain seems the best thing to do with your time is...
listen to music
make little paintings
make mixes for your friends

first one is a mix i made in april
it is called rainyrainyaprilmix
because it was really rainy
(then i had problems with garage band and my desktop)

and was gonna post it in may
which was equally as rainy

(got busy with work and life and such)

so now posting it in june
which as well has been really really rainy...

next is the first part of the junebugmix series
well there are only two
one with words and one with no words
(still working on no words one)
but this is fun so enjoy

this guy posted a june mix
it's pretty good, ok it's real good
chances are if you know me you probably know him
and maybe already downloaded it
if not, get to it!

happy music and hopes for sun

24 June 2009

some nice things about summer

(it's sure as shit not the weather)

i guess i can wait 5 more weeks to see the sun
like when i'm back in california...

radishes and egg salad sammies... yum!

22 June 2009

ringing off the hook

normally my popularity is overwhelming
and my phone is ringing off the hook
but no more
i think it accidentally committed suicide yesterday by jumping off my desk... with excitement of a very important text.

so pray to the apple gods they will fix her up good as new.

and email me if you wanna say hi...

21 June 2009

happy papis day, papis

mi papi circa 1924

"foreground" grizzly bear live on wnyc

20 June 2009

sunday funday

still putting the pieces back together from the week past.
this is day 2 of said visitor's trip from san francisco.

my weekend ended with:

A. a booze trade show, pole dancing, and alcohol whipped cream.

B. an afternoon affair on a barge with beers and dogs,
followed by a nap in nearby grass patch within stumbling distance.

C. a big plate of mashed potatoes, green beans and fried chicken from mamas.

D. silk flowers, the strange boys and mika miko at the cakeshop.

E. all of the above

18 June 2009

didn't work

ruffie covers were a bust
handstands on delancey shortly thereafter
saturday night, alright!


always cover your drinks to avoid ruffies
or other unwanted spirits in your spirits...

13 June 2009

new friend, new work

i had the pleasure of meeting and working with this fine gent.
group show opens tonight at canessa gallery

someone go and buy me one of these:)

12 June 2009

knock knock

who's there
a pile up

a pile up who??
(my favorite joke ever!)

wonder what is happening in this pile up of mail from the last few weeks...

04 June 2009

first day of afghan fun

made it to the west coast to shoot my 3rd book in 2 months
yet another knitting book...
but hey crafting is super big, especially in da recession.

and there are lots of great parts about my work...
like i get to shoot in sonoma on a gorgeous 300 acre compound
...it's got lots to offer
golden hills

giant turtles

giant turtles doing it!!!
yay springtime

and much much more...
i'll try to take more photos before we leave on friday!

jenny modeled for us today.
she was a real good sport and let me dress her up in rompers and rainboots.
she has an art show on friday...
it should be a pretty busy night in the oakland art scene.

i went crazy and filled a 10' cube truck in about 8 hrs of shopping yesterday.
it was (and is) sort of bananas...
at least my assistant has a handle on it!

somewhere over the rainbow

pulled an all nighter getting ready to head to san francisco for 10 days.
mostly for work work work, but hope i get to play play play at least a little.

nice to see old buddies

had a slew of out of towners in towner lately....
...some business and some pleasure, of course
it was great to see you all and hope to see you all back in your home towns real soon:)