27 August 2009

somethings new and somethings funny

been fortunate to have the old studio to myself for the past few days...
inspired to donate some work for the coalition on homelessness art auction.
i've been messing around, wasting paper and ink....(sorry trees) more than anything.
oh and testing my patience with watercolors
darn it they are more complex than i realized...
at least i have been getting a healthy portion of alone zone time:)

As an aside, if you or anyone you know would like to donate work for this auction please have them contact me ASAP!!! it's for a great cause:)

22 August 2009

sunny saturday ferry ride to tiburon

my buddies always know how to fix you right up after a late night on a friday
get on a ferry to tiburon and fill up on fried food at sam's cafe
onion rings, fish and chips, beers, tequilas... well you get the idea

back door guests are always best...

that is, as a little sign said above the back door of my mom's house back home in michigan
dj friends from the knockout playing the hits got us in the academy of sciences thursday night shindig, whoa what a turn out, and the dancing?
truly entertaining
stacy found her new favorite friend, the dik dik, of course...
we saw lots of fishes in the aquarium
caught the last few minutes of sunset on the roof
next time i'll get there earlier to check out the planetarium...

fun with friends

and a pizza box...

18 August 2009

the wild ride out west

lots and lots o pictures
lots and lots o fun!