19 February 2009

city soot and sparkles

here's a new tune from akron/family

i'm sick

i know you all think i have the most boring blog in the world.
i am sick. and have not been doing anything fun besides working, not sleeping,
and blowing my nose. now you nose.

15 February 2009


see what goofing off does to your brain?
you ferget to post super important events like this one,
valentines day.

14 February 2009

and happy valentines day to you too...

i made this mix cuz you luv me
cuz i luv you...


08 February 2009

may i suggest...

the chicago matchbox at prune
delicious and jammed packed with pickled fun stuff!
ummm, let's see if i remember everything...
turnip, radish, green beans, caperberries, brussel sprout (surprise!)
and a lovely beer chaser.
since that's like a full meal in itself prob didn't need the awesome plate of party that showed up next, but i ate it all. sorry no photos!

pink blue and banjo

07 February 2009


i missed this show show show tonight. what?????
well, i am gonna try tomorrow... wish me l.u.c.k

03 February 2009

more snowy

snow is great. it makes everything clean and pretty.
unfortunately this was the extent of my day, outside the house that is.
gym. coffee. home. work. yippee winter.
well, i'll have some visitors soon that should really spice things up.

sir hearts-a-lot

its like love love love all over the place.
yeah hearts. yeah february.

6 more weeks of winter

i guess mr. groundhog's actions, or lack there of, predict 6 more weeks of winter.