25 October 2010

slug a bed slug a bug

word of the day
slugabed \SLUHG-uh-bed\, noun:
one who stays in bed until a late hour; a sluggard.

slug a sunday half asleep

23 October 2010

who has the keys to the eagle?

sarah, nick and i decided to make a mini mini short film together.  we rounded up 5 hot babes, a super star station wagon, a 5D, a few interns and we were all set.  oh yeah, and a very handsome four legged friend named 26, he was instantly a hit with the cast and crew!

i think our little film is gonna turn out great... after 12 hours of shooting we should at least have a minute or so!  the basic concept was last minute end of summer get out of town trip, we could not have asked for a more beautiful day.

ended the day out at the brooklyn bowl where beach fossils played an awesome free show!
i love them so... so much grace, ken, chris and i started our own little mosh pit off the side:)

and this, above, was just really really impressive.
that's all, that was sunday.

15 October 2010

your 2009 extension is now due

"As a Virgo, you tend to be excellent about record keeping, so as a result, you are usually quite good at managing your financials. You have no trouble collecting and organizing receipts, watching cash flow, locating bargains, and generally getting the most from your dollar. These qualities will set you apart now and help you through a month that will bring a meditation about your earned income and how you can get greater value from the money you earn."

And now I can legitimately write off my bed.  It's a desk extension, duh.

13 October 2010

a moment in hoboken

ran out for a quick sec to hoboken nj
friend closing his show
it was nice to get out of the city, oh so far away...
the sky turned a really pretty color,
i didn't think it translated on the view finder, but you get the idea. 
fruit loop sky.

12 October 2010

the webs we weave

getting out and having fun in some random and spooky places...
grass widow and the babies in the basement, just after shonen knife at the knitting factory, and a going away party for this awesome dude
i can sure pack it in.  and it was only tuesday.  tuff.

03 October 2010

end of summer mix

true.  when i was driving home from jfk on september 13th, (after 6 weeks on and off in california) i was a bit shocked and saddened to see people in jackets... my first indicator that summer had ended.  maybe we would get a hot day or two, here or there... but fall was upon us.

i started this mix in july... added to it along the way.  happy and spazzy, mello and meditative, there is a little bit in there for everyone.

thanks for the good times, work, work, work, plane hopping and amazing birthday, summer of 2010.  hope you had a nice summer too.
and hope you enjoy this mix.
**if you want a copy because you are unable to download just lmk:)