30 September 2009

lucky bastards

filing my photos i ran across some pics from a delicious dining experience at flour and water.

i was with a table of chowhounds, so we tried almost everything on the menu.
and it was all super yummy.
we also tried almost every wine on the menu...
ended up with a great bottle per our sweet (and extremely patience) waitress.
yay wine!

the new status quo

settling back in home, after such a long spell away,
topped with 15 days of work, straight.
and getting used to the ways of the new roomie...
he's still in training, but doing well with spoon organization.
and he stocks the fridge with essentials.

wait a minute, why is there a boob in my tomatoes!?!

things are pretty fun and funny around here.

i did a lot of this last weekend...

reminiscing and listening to records.
after roommate with record player moved out,
i bucked up and bought an ion portable.
it's the kind with a usb so you can archive vinyl to your computer.
well i didn't get quite that far yet...
still really excited to bust out my old 7"s and new finds...
oh records how i forgot how much i liked you,
and i missed you a whole lot.

only downfall is that i have something new to spend money on.

i think thriller was my first record ever.
who knows where it ended up after 8 million moves...
found this at car city records in detroit, so there is an, extremely very slim, but still a possibility this was my record to begin with.
at least i'm gonna go with that.

a recent find ($3) at record grouch, a little underground shop that is open every now and again beneath secret project robot and mollusk.

i heart ty segall, so when his merch guy said i had to have this,
i did as told.
guess i'm easy in more than one way...

well this album is just the best, just like trace.

when i plug the little bugger into the computer,
record posts will include awesome tunes:)

22 September 2009

eeny meeny miney mo

so many good shows coming up i am not really sure where to begin...
this weekend, which starts on thursday of course, we have
health, polvo, wavves, beach fossil & ganglians.

as usual, i'm gonna have to miss something.

lost words & violent brave by ganglians

17 September 2009

fashion week cha cha cha

manhattan entertained fashion's night out with loads of special events
the main motivation being to get the public involved in the fashionista extravaganza, ring in the first day of fashion week...
and boost some sales
almost every store in soho had a velvet rope,
and a champagne reception...
kate spade had cha cha lessons on greene street
i on the other hand was scrounging for left over snacks in my bag and shopping late night at old navy... woo hoo, boo hoo

13 September 2009

virginia is for lovers

haven't seen much else than my hotel room, target and the mall.
but the night sky is full of stars and all you can hear are crickets.

08 September 2009

poopsie daisy

stumbled out of pops wondering whose bright idea it was to have a round of tequila shots at oh, 1:59 am? thanks charles!

this is how stace does shots...

and this is how trace laughs at her!

then we all turned into ghosts...

and hobbled home under a bright lights and moonshine...

07 September 2009

from one lahore to another

i didn't have the opportunity to snap a photo of my delicious parting meal from sf for 2 reasons
1. we waited for 45 minutes and were too stubborn to cancel our order
2. i had to be on a plane in less than an hour
(although my lady friends probs wish i would have missed my flight, they are glad i didn't!)

so we literally shoveled that pakistani party down as fast as we could
then ran to the car holding our little aloo gobi bellies

besides the wait, which can sometimes be intense
lahore is the best indian/pakistani food around.
alot of people know that, but if you haven't been there, GO!
and for a mere 10 buckaroos per person, including a nice tip,
you'll be stuffed like a little samosa:)
oh, and don't forget to b.y.o.b dog

hommie sweet hommie

yeah i made it!
home that is, FINALLY...

and i am very happy to be back.

today was an exceptional day in nyc, quiet, empty streets, sunny with a little breeze.
coffee at 9th st with carter followed up by my fave potato pancake and lox brunch dish at orlin.
a much needed shower, then straight to work!

i've been up for about 37? hours and counting.
i'm looking forward to curling up in my own bed...
for the first time in 42 days!

thank you to ALL of my gracious hosts, to many to list in one little post:)

and yes... it's true:(
good luck in san francisco hommie:)