30 March 2010

monday morning

my mom started the day with these kind words:
"....death leaves a heartache no one can heal
love leaves a memory no one can steal..."

gee whiz
and, it's just monday

tip out to you pops
march 12, 1921 - march 29, 1994
you are loved and missed and in our hearts

"lost" by the ropers
90's indie pretty much where i was at then, and now

28 March 2010

new orleans at sunset

we rolled into new orleans at sunset, and also dinnertime.
luck would have it our trusty new friend and passenger via craigslist had an idea where we should get gumbo and crawdaddies. 
it reminded me of oaktown off the 880.
we stopped on the way out of town for some freeway inspiration...
cafe au lait and beignets from cafe du monde. 
they fueled us all the way through austin.  we arrived at 5 am.

25 March 2010

love & prayers

a couple little things i picked up in austin
they both work!

24 March 2010

working backwards, working our way home...

always a challenge to find good food on the road
we were blessed
we found good food and good people,
with free floors for us to crash on
tequila, ghosts and all...
as we made our way back we stopped in memphis for BBQ dinner
and in nashville to crash out... thank you adam and adrian:)

we woke up to southern biscuits for breakfast and delicious coffee at crema

driving 15 hours a day
(in the rain, wind and fog is highly NOT recommended)
but we got home safely sweet safely at 4 am tuesday.
holy bananas

gordon lightfoot "carefree highway"

21 March 2010


music mayhem!
here's a little recap, pictures to follow...
real estate
free energy
best coast
surfer blood
the dum dum girls
pierced arrows
talk normal
thurston moore
cloud nothings
the mantles
so cow
garotas suecas
sonny & the sunsets

and that was only friday!

saturday i calmed down a bit

avi buffalo
thee oh sees
surfer blood
ty seagal
and a few random bands i don't know their names...

on our way back home today, it's gonna be a long haul.

15 March 2010

crazy is as crazy does

been listening to the liars bonus remix album
posted a song a few days ago
(oh, that was just yesterday...)

here are liars doing a song on the worried noodles comp "panic button"

i think it might have induced my crazy to drive to texas!!!

hi you pickle!

after sleet and hail, and newcastles in the hot tub
we took it slow sunday morning...
i made a point not to miss out on the best jewish deli in NY
(even though it's in CT)

there is only so much one person can eat
but i did not leave much behind...
and took sour cream coffee cake and matzo ball soup home with me!!
next time you're in vernon, or near, eat here!!

14 March 2010

rainy manchester

view out the window this morning
could have used an extra hour, rather than less an hour, of sleep.
it's sunday after all....

rainy music treats "pet snake" graffiti island
and "too much, too much" liars by carter tutti

frajil farms

we have met some very kind people on our journey in new hampshire
friday and saturday brought us to mt. vernon, frajil farms
our hosts were amazing and have left a little footprint in our lives!
thank you!

11 March 2010

through a stained glass

the world looks pink and pretty.

10 March 2010

manchester, new hampshire

day uno down!
swiped these from thayer
she has been posting like a crazy
and she take pretty good photos
here is henry (the great dane, puppy!))
and stan (the boston terrier)
and some randoms from my prop schlep dept...

three more days to go...

08 March 2010

today a present

did as i was told and purchased my sonny & the sunsets 7"
blue and yellow vinyl
with comic book
it's like 6 bucks
you have to buy one too!!!! go here
listen to this

07 March 2010

spring cleaning

in honour of the spring like weather, somebody is picking through her closet and cubbies... unearthing life size dust bunnies, trimming down the boot collection... ya know organizing.
my third favorite thing to do in the world:)
found this little bag of shells from my last time in costa rica, which was, (gasp) 2 years ago!

05 March 2010

weekend warrior

you can't tell but there are tiny tiny buds on the branches
i can't stop listening to music that makes me want to jump up and down
have fun, be safe, love you