31 March 2009

take a hike

up a ton of stairs to coit tower...

so nice, i got to walk trace to work and then go climb to coit tower
it was early and the sky was clear, perfect sf day... perfect sf tourist fun times
i want to live in one of those adorable houses... too bad they probs cost like a few
more million dollars than i gots my paws on.

30 March 2009

welcome to the jungle, or flop heights

a closer look at the important stuff

top half

bottom half

not the bedroom silly, the dressing room darling...

city lights and city hall

moons over my hammy

can too
can not!

28 March 2009

hot nuts, hot pants, BINGO!

hot nuts, a knockout speciality....

you know your friends love you when they win BINGO

and bring you back the awesome prize you were eyeballing earlier!

sexy panties! whoa.
thanks kim romero!

miss you already

happy to be home but miss you nerds!
and this crazy coffee and daily donut party, thank you four barrel:)
more sf frolic fun time photos to come...

05 March 2009

chapped lips

whoa it's been so cold the last few days it makes 39 degrees feel like straight up spring time.
cant' wait to see you hoochies in a few days!

02 March 2009

snow day

these little guys

i applied for keyholder residency at the les print shop today...
i put these moldy oldies in my portfolio,
i still love them but made me realize i really need to document my work better...
shame & fortune by the yeah yeah yeahs

01 March 2009

oh no, i think i'm gonna blog...

i was on the verge all day today between thinking my head was gonna pop off my neck or wondering if i was gonna have to duck between a couple of cars and barf like some girl adam and i saw on 8th street today...
yay birthday parties and dancey pants...
thank goodness for patient chefs and potatoe pancakes at b&h.