30 November 2010

hey, i'm about to save you some money!

as i am purging/cleaning/downsizing my belongings in to my mega-tiny room i came across the good 'ol "to be altered" bag.  you know the one that hides in the corner of your closet and as you make outings to thrift stores some random dress or skirt makes it's way into that bag, and presto one year later is still there, un-hemmed.  well, good news!  hemlines have come down this season, and next season too!  so save your money for hanukkah, christmas, or for your bahama bruise cruise, cuz you don't have to alter those suckers for like at least another year!!  xoxo karebear

15 November 2010

fall in more ways than one

fall fell. fall leaves fall down fall apart fall in bed fall in love fall down fell both. london bridges we all fall down.  everyone be nice to each other.  here is the mix i've been listening to since fall fell.
beach fossils crocodiles night control damien jurado & richard swift boyracer milk music women the ponys cloud nothings kings of leon no age grouper crystal castles okay

14 November 2010

it's a sign

going to buy a router tomorrow
send me your name, i'll make you one of these.

13 November 2010

greetings, from st. john

luckily i am one of those people that "gets" to travel for my job.

i appreciate that i do not have to work in an office with cubicles and florescent lights, but let me tell you, traveling is not always fun, and, it is always work regardless of the fantasies everyone else has about my glamorous lifestyle as a stylist.

honestly i must admit, i was kinda stoked i was being forced to go to st. john for a job. i had never been to a caribbean island, (other than a quick jaunt when i was 12 over to the bahamas, we had just enough time to get a few cornrows braided in our hair...) and i was hoping to make the most of it. hmmm, mother nature had another plan.

we caught the tail end of hurricane thomas near cuba, and it really effed up the alluring blue skies and crystal clear water the virgin islands are known for... instead it was thunder and lightening, rain for 5 days straight, murky water, oh and a little flood in the low lying pavillion of the hotel where my room was. thankfully almost all of my belongings were about the water level and i fared much better than my neighbor hair & make-up artist who lost her entire kit of tons of little eyeshadows and blushes, and her beloved computer.

lesson to all, do not leave shit on the floor. (especially when there are flash flood warnings in the middle of a tropical storm.)

here is the studio as i was packing up... i checked 7 bags/boxes, each weighing roughly 49.8 lbs.

brian waded through murky water at 3 am to help me carry my belongings to second floor safety.
did i mention we had a 5 am call time that day?  considering the circumstances, and the potential of a washed out road, the call time was moved back to 6:30.

say cheese!  ps those are my bikini bottoms, not chones.
i had a quick wardrobe change when i realized the water was right up to my butt on the path to get to the other rooms...

end of the day, end of the story, we managed to get the shot for our client.
thank goodness and good riddance!