30 November 2009

tday 2009

turkey and not turkey day at pphot
i am so lucky to have an east coast family:)

we had a first timer to thanksgiving, ever!
she was awesome and brought amazing little saltines with cream cheese and salmon roe.
japanese tradition, fancy, fancy
oh and the bowl of brown mush?
that was my vegan portobello gravy with homemade vegetable stock.
i could have had it as soup if i didn't add flour!

michelle and her 20lb turkey baby.
it was real juicy and delicious,
just like the tofurkey i made for the vegetabletarians.

ewww ballsack of stuffing...

matt = nerd.

foster family, yay!
yuko, matt, marina, reed, sarah, dan, dan, noah, andy, devon and mama michelle.
tanks dudes:)

he loves me, he loves me not

while discussing the state of my pedicure,
(...no it isn't a fungus or gangrene, that was my face last week!)
ken shared with me a surefire way to know if a boy likes you
it's real simple
take your shoes and your pants off
if the boy looks at your feet before your cooter
he's just not that into you!
thanks ken, mystery solved:)

26 November 2009

thanks giving

thank you california for being half home to me
thank you friends for all your kindness, love and support!
i am happy i will see you all again so soon:)

24 November 2009

people of the yea

while watching tv with my friend i could only see a portion of the screen
confused, asked, "what are people of the yea?"
well, it's people of the year, dum dum!
fuck it i was lucky enough to catch moca's exhibit of their first 3o years
(and on a free day)
i think these people, their quotes and their art qualify them as people of the Yea.

it was also really cool to see works of art i have seen and studied in books live and in person.
i love that feeling.

some are so much bigger or smaller than you realize.
above, map, below, target on an orange field by jasper johns

and to think i knew all about modern and contemporary art...
still lots of new discoveries to make like
billy al bengston, hawaiian eye
this piece was real trippy in person

23 November 2009

made it home safe, not real sound,
a giant bowl of veggie ramen later
i am pretty much back to "normal"

11 November 2009

mini ping pong, big fun!

got this mini ping pong set up that works perfect on our kitchen counter.
it's so fun!
tournaments and texas hold 'em here we come:)

10 November 2009

new november mix

hi all
after the dust settled from cmj fun times i made this little mix
it's some of the my favorite bands i have seen in the past month
and also some songs from my favorite blog i like to poach
(thank you adam!)
i hope it downloads for you all ok,
i am a little rusty,
and wasn't that good at making podcasts to begin with...

05 November 2009


here is a sneak peek inside the new "space"
there is a lot to do, sort of an understatement...
so yes, i am accepting volunteers

surprise, it's your apartment!

it's ken's first official wardrobe and prop take over of the apartment.
at least we have some fresh flowers and organic apples to last about a month and a few pies!