23 May 2010

may mix wanna hide out

right now i just want to hide at home
cook a meal, drink a beer, hang new art, clean my closets
and listen to music

some new discoveries and new finds do not disappoint
some old and some sappy are just a little reflection on the good ol days
enjoy and play over and over

21 May 2010

what i've been up too...

hello blog world, hello blog friends.
feels like i've been gone longer, but guess it has been just about a month.

well, one month down, a trip to san francisco, a couple back to back jobs, an opening and a 5 day restaurant project with apartamento magazine.  it's been crazy, and it's been epic!

thanks to everyone that has been involved, blood, sweat and tears
(ok no tears, blood and sweat yes!)
mille grazie and muchos gracias mis compadres:)

some random behind the scenes photos...
construction fun = new storage loft and shelves for books
smokebath fun
work fun with the germans!
tasca times with apartamento

read more here
and here

"the life of dream" by julie dorion