29 April 2011

in the neighborhood...

with so many productions moving to LA these days, it's fun to have some hommies filming in your hood.  law & order criminal intent set up camp for a few days on about 6 blocks in the east village around tompkins.  they were mostly holed up in the good 'ol horseshoe bar, aka 7B.  here are my neighbors being dorky getting their photos snapped with vincent d'onofrio!  i mean, cool, feel the buzz ya know. 
more pics here.

15 April 2011

check the mail

good thing i checked the mail, otherwise i would have missed this.
now you where i'll be tonight.
and then to off to the dead herring to catch white suns and yvette.
friday, yes, i've been waiting for you.

14 April 2011


are you happy it's almost friday?  i am.
i have cleaned out ALL of my storage units coast to coast.
i have purged documents and files from 1994-2002. 
i can not even begin to tell you how much paperwork i have had to deal with since i was 17.  it is fucking unbelievable.  felt good to throw it out.  

...now i know why i such a damn good letter writer:)

i think i am going to start applying for some loans, grants, or something and put my skills cutting through red tape and bureaucracy back to work.

in the meantime i will keep my eye out for rainbows...

13 April 2011

yeah i was there, pt. 2

here is part 2 of bruise cruise spring break 2011!  miami was awesome.  the weather was perfect, the water was perfect and it's like perma happy hour, every hour, and even in the cabs.  our hotel had at least 3 different happy hours a day, so it was hard to get out of there, but we did manage to take a "quick" trip to little havana.  the coffee was exactly like it was in cuba!  the food was better than cuba, but not by much.  we went to this super old school place, it was pretty neat just to be there and see all the f*** fidele tshirts. 

the boat part was awesome too OMG!!!!  my only wish is that i was on the same side of the ship as the rest of my crew.  the boat is huge so i would just plop myself on the lido deck and wait for my friends to find me.  after a while they caught on, and it sort of became our hub.  gabe was like our personal gopher//group mascot, he hands down had the best outfits and was constantly running around picking up the bottles of smuggled booze from one person's room, or another.  other than lazing in the sun and being served drinks, i didn't do a whole lot on the ship.  (that was the PLAN!  duh.)

we got off the boat in the bahamas and proceeded to get kidnapped in a bus and taken to a little spot with a bunch of seafood restaurants called the fish fry.  turns out the waiter was on the bus trying to collect clientele.  nice angle dude.  it's a cute little zone, and was nice to have a mini adventure, and a little local flavor, but can't say the food was all that outstanding or anything.  after the show and dancing til 3am at senor frogs it was back to the boat for more one more day of fruity cocktails and fun in the sun!!! 

last day was pretty blurry due to the completely free happy hour during and after the thee oh sees show.  oops, oh well!!

the end

12 April 2011

yeah i was there, pt. 1

figured i better post these before they announce the next BRUISE CRUISE i mean, assuming that there will be another, (not that i would know or anything....) but take it from me, START SAVING now!!!  (especially if next winter is anything like this past winter, the only place i will want to be is in my bikini on a boat floating in the caribbean sea with a cruiser cocktail in my hand!!)

my spring break started in key west where i got to catch up with my sister and her husband on their big awesome bus that they drive around the country as road reps.  pretty snazzy.  all the busses at this motorcoach stop were big and razzle dazzle, with a fancy car in tow... key west is super touristy.  as you can see i was obsessed with all the chotch.

10 April 2011

i caught up with a childhood movie i thought i hadn't seen.  (what can i say, my childhood was a blur.)  but i did braid my hair like demi moore, and have a best friend that summered in nantucket.  i made a surprise visit there the summer after we graduated high school.  since that was practically the 80s, it was just like one crazy summer.  jocks, regattas, old rich preppies, hippie artists, summer love.  actually, i think that's how nantucket always is.
theme song here more honeymoon suite here, if you dare.

08 April 2011

bongzilla songzilla

i've posted this out and about but ya know if you missed one of the first three chances to dwnld here is another.  see, i'm nice til the end.

05 April 2011

some old some new

things are shaping up home life with a mini-remodel.  old roommate moved out of my new room, new roommate moved into my old room. 
i found the most perfect grey white paint ever. 
i was a little bummed that i didn't knock it out in one coat and had to do a little touch up with a light second coat, but it made all the difference.  my father's father, and his father were house painters, dating back to the late 1800's. 
i guess the apple does not fall far from the tree. 

you buy the paint and i will change your life.  swear.