21 July 2009

fire islandia

hello out there...
been busy, not lazy, i swear.
getting ready for about a month outta the city and on the road to sf
meantime hit up fire island with adam and jen
fun sunny sunday!
more fun photos and video here

some new tunes from the dodos, haven't spent much time with it yet
enjoy the snipit... troll nacht and small deaths

09 July 2009


did anyone else notice yesterday was 7-8-9
maybe just dorks like me...

07 July 2009

no fireworks but freedom

happy 4th of july freedom lovers and fighters...
had a mello day taking care of small duties that had been on the to do list far too long.
got out early evening to the woodsist fest, day 2, with lots of great bands i was stoked to see
fun discovery of the day was the dum dum girls, but i'm probs partial to the name.
it was a beautiful night (=no rainy) trains passed overhead and fireworks in the distance
vitamin water and potato chips, a few too many cigarettes between bands
home early for an early start sunday...

new yorker's trash is the shit

if you're my friend
and a size 13
these fancy ferragamo's i found discarded on avenue C are all yours!