03 December 2008

los angeles noche numero dos

whoa how long does this take?
sars... i swear these los angeles posts will be over soon,
i'm so sick of living in the past!

the producer in me always at work... even when i'm on vacation
guess someone needs to tell everyone what to do.
breakfast at 101, check.

drinks by the pool, check.

thai massages, check.

a smoke filled la sky. dude goes home, check.
and we're sad...

dinner at el chavo, (sorry tommy's next time!)
drinks up the street, hollywood star sighting, check.
and that shit wasn't even on the list!

oh elliot, whyja do it?

home in one piece, sort of, check. thanks xavi.

1 comment:

trace said...

i don't even remember taking that picture. And I wasn't even drunk yet.