04 April 2009

sun day sin day

well it started innocent enough
a nice chardonnay on a nice sunday afternoon after brunch...

then behold a special treat from nyc, i guess in my honor?

this bottle is fancy, and delicious...
hudson four grain bourbon whiskey

well, we took the wine down, polished off the fancy east coast whiskey...
and then it was time for the fancy west coast whiskey.
old potrero straight rye whiskey, compliments of anchor brewing.

our host also threw in a little of the gin they make too...
it tastes like 1909 in a bottle.
oh, lest me forget, a little mezcal too...
not sure where that was from but it was smokey and dangerous.

now the fun begins, inside these sunglasses.
we all spent a little time with them
you know, so we were all on the same page and all.
miss stace.

mister erik

mister jer bear

miss kare bear

miss you the most fer bear

and this is what the world looked like inside this whiskey warm sepia filled sunday sunglasses.

taking them off was a harsh and brutal reality...
so we decided to send a message in a bottle for someone to save us

...from monday, and mostly ourselves.

but then we giggled and played with taxidermied animals
and everything was ok.

the day turned into evening and we fueled up with tecates and indian food
and got on our way to see ty segall at the knockout.
no photos from that. sorry.

the end.
of my brain cells.

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Jen said...

what a perfect day. miss you all very much!