09 April 2009

unsolved mysteries

ever wake up in the morning with something foreign in your bed...
like a random sock, pizza crust, boy?

well, how about a presidential notecard from mother's cookies?
yes, mr. Martin Van Buren our 8th president was nestled right there with me in my cozarelli cloud bed. ummmm huh? yeah i have no idea why i have this, where it came from or how it got in my bed. and my roommate says he didn't put it there....
any ideas?

well here are some fun historical facts regardless:
(sorry history and fun should never be in the same sentence.)

lived: 1782-1862 homestate: New York (whoot whoot!)
8th president 1837-1841
democrat (whoot whoot!)
he won with 51% of popular vote, 765,483
and the electoral college 170/294

significant events of presidency:
the republic of texas adopted a constitution 1837
the first great business depression ocurred 1837
(bummer, but i feel ya)
abner doubleday invented the game of baseball 1839
(yeah opening day!)
the national treasury was established 1840

and his famous quote
"the president of the united states of america is the only officer who is chosen by the whole people of the united states... to represent, protect and defend it in the performance of the executive duties"

good job martin.


She-bible said...

hahahaha. And yes. Have often woken up to strange things and strangers in the ol' beddy boo.

m2m said...

that's because you're a

She-bible said...

Takes a hooker to know a hooker.