06 May 2009

if you have to work on sunday

you should do it on your bike!

miss thayer gowdy arrived late saturday night to shoot a book with me.
we had shit tons of scouting and locations to find for our three day shoot,
starting tuesday. it's cool.
we are super good at finding 10 locations without permits less than 48 hrs before we shoot.
we had models and clothes, that's more than half the battle.

we started with brunch at cafe orlin, my new favorite brunch spot that almost never has a wait.
and for people that can get a lazy bfast during the week they have a sooper dooper $6 bfast special. eggs, papas, greens, toast, juice and a cappuccino.
clearly a cafe after my little espresso obessed heart.

since it was slated to be 95 degrees (and owned up to it, or more...)
we decided to scout around on bikes.
we rode over 3 of 5 nyc bridges and through countless neighborhoods.
now i'm really good at getting lost in brooklyn.

thayer's gears broke while she was riding this 'ol jallopy and had to ride in the hardest gear for most of the day,
and night... when we decided we hadn't had enough biking and rode back to ft. greene from manhattan to have dinner at bonita and send bday wishes to boobi, i mean bobbi!

buenos nachos

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