04 June 2009

first day of afghan fun

made it to the west coast to shoot my 3rd book in 2 months
yet another knitting book...
but hey crafting is super big, especially in da recession.

and there are lots of great parts about my work...
like i get to shoot in sonoma on a gorgeous 300 acre compound
...it's got lots to offer
golden hills

giant turtles

giant turtles doing it!!!
yay springtime

and much much more...
i'll try to take more photos before we leave on friday!

jenny modeled for us today.
she was a real good sport and let me dress her up in rompers and rainboots.
she has an art show on friday...
it should be a pretty busy night in the oakland art scene.

i went crazy and filled a 10' cube truck in about 8 hrs of shopping yesterday.
it was (and is) sort of bananas...
at least my assistant has a handle on it!

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