25 June 2009

sir(s) mix a lot

miss you california...

so much rain seems the best thing to do with your time is...
listen to music
make little paintings
make mixes for your friends

first one is a mix i made in april
it is called rainyrainyaprilmix
because it was really rainy
(then i had problems with garage band and my desktop)

and was gonna post it in may
which was equally as rainy

(got busy with work and life and such)

so now posting it in june
which as well has been really really rainy...

next is the first part of the junebugmix series
well there are only two
one with words and one with no words
(still working on no words one)
but this is fun so enjoy

this guy posted a june mix
it's pretty good, ok it's real good
chances are if you know me you probably know him
and maybe already downloaded it
if not, get to it!

happy music and hopes for sun

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