20 June 2009

sunday funday

still putting the pieces back together from the week past.
this is day 2 of said visitor's trip from san francisco.

my weekend ended with:

A. a booze trade show, pole dancing, and alcohol whipped cream.

B. an afternoon affair on a barge with beers and dogs,
followed by a nap in nearby grass patch within stumbling distance.

C. a big plate of mashed potatoes, green beans and fried chicken from mamas.

D. silk flowers, the strange boys and mika miko at the cakeshop.

E. all of the above


Jen said...

I hope it's E because they all sound good. Love the visitor on the pole shot!

m2m said...

you win!
E it is...
and don't worry, those pants came off in latter photos. oh long john silver...