30 September 2009

i did a lot of this last weekend...

reminiscing and listening to records.
after roommate with record player moved out,
i bucked up and bought an ion portable.
it's the kind with a usb so you can archive vinyl to your computer.
well i didn't get quite that far yet...
still really excited to bust out my old 7"s and new finds...
oh records how i forgot how much i liked you,
and i missed you a whole lot.

only downfall is that i have something new to spend money on.

i think thriller was my first record ever.
who knows where it ended up after 8 million moves...
found this at car city records in detroit, so there is an, extremely very slim, but still a possibility this was my record to begin with.
at least i'm gonna go with that.

a recent find ($3) at record grouch, a little underground shop that is open every now and again beneath secret project robot and mollusk.

i heart ty segall, so when his merch guy said i had to have this,
i did as told.
guess i'm easy in more than one way...

well this album is just the best, just like trace.

when i plug the little bugger into the computer,
record posts will include awesome tunes:)

1 comment:

trace said...

i love the "the boys don't cry" album.
you're the best!