21 October 2009

nyc throught the cold and the rain

the weather was pretty cold and rainy while my big sis was here for her first visit to nyc in 15 years, and her first visit to me ever! we braved the elements and got out and about as much as our little feet could handle...
we hit chelsea market
highline park
union square, and whole foods
free friday at the moma
then we went and ate our FACES off at lil frankies
quiet dinner for 2 turned into dinner with 5
wine, appetizers, more wine, dinner, more wine, then grappa AND dessert
our waiter sensed our celebratory nature and brought us a birthday cake for freezie:)
thanks lupi!

grey grey skyline

my sister loves her photo ops! (not, but i sneak them in anyway)

we must have stirred our appetites with all of these campbell soup cans and fakie desert compliments to the chefs andy warhol and claes oldenburg.... mmm mmm good!

two divas, one photo

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