24 November 2009

people of the yea

while watching tv with my friend i could only see a portion of the screen
confused, asked, "what are people of the yea?"
well, it's people of the year, dum dum!
fuck it i was lucky enough to catch moca's exhibit of their first 3o years
(and on a free day)
i think these people, their quotes and their art qualify them as people of the Yea.

it was also really cool to see works of art i have seen and studied in books live and in person.
i love that feeling.

some are so much bigger or smaller than you realize.
above, map, below, target on an orange field by jasper johns

and to think i knew all about modern and contemporary art...
still lots of new discoveries to make like
billy al bengston, hawaiian eye
this piece was real trippy in person

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