30 November 2009

tday 2009

turkey and not turkey day at pphot
i am so lucky to have an east coast family:)

we had a first timer to thanksgiving, ever!
she was awesome and brought amazing little saltines with cream cheese and salmon roe.
japanese tradition, fancy, fancy
oh and the bowl of brown mush?
that was my vegan portobello gravy with homemade vegetable stock.
i could have had it as soup if i didn't add flour!

michelle and her 20lb turkey baby.
it was real juicy and delicious,
just like the tofurkey i made for the vegetabletarians.

ewww ballsack of stuffing...

matt = nerd.

foster family, yay!
yuko, matt, marina, reed, sarah, dan, dan, noah, andy, devon and mama michelle.
tanks dudes:)

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