09 December 2009

pcc flea!

yay! managed to be in la the weekend of the pcc flea market.
met up with my sis kinda late, but glad i didn't have more time to spend poking around, i would have spent lots more $$$
since i scored a little wooden set of kitchen containers at a garage sale i felt somewhat satiated and i kept a lid on it and came out with a couple things...

not pictured are some YSL rive gauche over the knee half chaps.
when i bust them out i will snap a pic.
those of you in sf, i'll model in person.
let's just say they are h.o.t.

little teeny tiny christmas books for my niece and nephews
they are so cute!

educational material on the golden state i heart so...
published when reagan was governor

and a gold litho print for my nature wall...


A A D D A A M M C C said...

great stuff! see you soon.

She-bible said...

Ooooh! You scored. Can't wait to see the YSL!