26 January 2010

look at this, i think i can!

this marks a moment of a sense of pride and accomplishment
lots of encouragement after a dark and exhausting period of hard hard work...that the outcome will be worth it!!!!

but right now, i'm back to the dark and exhausting period.
staining, patching, painting, until my knees red and feel like ground up bones, my butt muscles go numb and my back so tired from being bent over i have to stand up real slow like when you do yoga,
vertebrae by vertebrae.
i'm too tired to take my epsom's salt baths and watch 30 rock in the tub.
and i sigh a lot and sort of sound like a horse.

i guess this was my sign today that yes it is and yes i can:)

1 comment:

photojen said...

you ARE strong & have so much worth! congrats on everything!