25 April 2010

april, where did you go?

oh april showers thank you for a rainy sunday so i can play a little catch up with the blogosphere...

it's been a busy month filled with lots of planning, scouting, sourcing and travel...

sunny saturday trolling around brooklyn looking at new art spaces....
hmmm, something's a brewing!

field trip!
intern and i did some material sourcing at my favorite place,
build it green.
our outing was super successful,
installation in progress at the ol gallery

next off to san francisco, for a wee minute.
business needed tending too!
first stop tacos, second stop pops.
in the middle of the mayhem i am glad i got to see some of my favorite faces in san francisco:)
it was a quick productive trip and even got a little quality time with friends, music, and food.
my other best friend.
king khan and the shrines at bimbos did not disappoint!

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