12 June 2010

mexico mega post!

one thing after another ya know???

after a wildly successful event at the gallery with apartamento and seems
i was invited to join a group of very talented folk down in mexico to take some photos (and drink some cervezas, eat some banging food, and smoke some cigarillos...)

i gathered up a bunch of goodies from some generous designers and stores packed up a couple 50lb suitcases and was off to JFK for a 6 am flight... it was the first time ever i didn't have to wait on the runway to take off!  i guess that's your bonus for getting to airport at 4.

long ride to puerto vallarta... cue "the love boat"...
and onto sayulita, a sleepy/surfer/frenchie village on the pacific side. 
(except for at night when the salsa or techno gets going at a local bar)
it was hot, and steamy regardless what you were wearing.  i resorted to t-shirt and bathing suit for the most part, just in case of a spontaneous jump in the ocean needed to happen.

first 3 days we were location scouting, ie mingling with the locals, getting frosty bevvies, and taking boat rides to islands and beaches.

once our lovely models arrived it was a 3 hour fitting, dinner, and off to bed for a sunrise boat ride around sayulita beach.  we shot for 2 days, sunrise to sunset, with lunch/siesta/hair/make-up change mid-day, and a yummy dinner to sleep on! 

we bounced outta mexico with lots of cards full of real pretty photos:)
i can't wait to post them on my new website!!!!  coming soon....

until then, here is a sneak peek from t. gowdy on her blog

thank you thank you talented friends and designers for making this such a success:)
da crew: thayer allyson gowdy, brian stevens, brynn doerring
sarah (Elite) and alex (Next)
generous designers: malia mills, samantha pleet, shoshanna, kathleen cook, lizzie fortunado, furla

stores: urban outfitters, pachamama, yemaya

if you ever go to sayulita eat here:
sayulita cafe, tacos el ivan, burrito revolucion

stay here:
hotel la casona, hotel hafa 

viva mexico! ole!

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