22 July 2010

saturn leaves virgo

so this is the reason people are out partying
had i known i would have partied too...
and celebrated the fact that i made it through a rough and tumble astrological rollercoaster!  silly me, i just thought the past 3 years were the breaks of moving to new city, looking for work and new friends.
now the cosmos have cleared it all up for me.
phew, i'm glad i made it too!

This will be a landmark month, for at long last, Saturn, the taskmaster planet that has tested you vigorously since September 2007, will leave Virgo on July 21. He will not be back until October 2036. You have become stronger and wiser, have grown in authority and maturity, and have faced challenges that only a few years ago would have thrown you. It would be easy for you not to see all the changes that have occurred in you, so stop for a second and think about where you've been in life since 2007.  All the trials and tribulations you endured were worthwhile, for you are more equipped to handle whatever life will send your way. Think back about how far you've come in three years, dear Virgo, and take a moment to congratulate yourself.

The two areas that will improve immediately in your life will be your health and relationships. Having Saturn arm in arm with the Sun is considered a very draining, testing aspect, but you are almost finished with that phase now and nothing you face in years to come will be as hard as what you have already come through.

Saturn will move into your second house of financial management and earnings and help you set up a more stable financial base. If you feel you don't know much about managing money, as you move forward, you might opt to take classes or to go to a financial advisor for help. Like all of Saturn's trends, this one will be a long one, as it will stretch into October 2012.

You are fortunate too that you have Mars in Virgo, a signal that you are now in the process of starting a whole new cycle. The projects and relationships you begin now will carry you forward for at least two years, so choose carefully. Everyone wants Mars on their side, for it puts you out in front as leader of the parade. Mars will make you more attractive too, so even in your love life, you'll get noticed and feel sought after.

Other Virgos have already gone into the belly of the beast, and I feel you already know what I am talking about. You have been under unusual stress because you had Uranus opposed to your Sun while at the same time Saturn was traveling ON your Sun. Relationships, competitors, and health were the most vulnerable areas of difficulty.

This month you are saying goodbye to Saturn, and by March 2011, you will be free of Uranus, too. In truth, this past May 27, Uranus briefly left Pisces, giving you some relief, but will re-emerge in Pisces on August 13. It's common for a big, important planet to go back and forth in a sign before it leaves for good. The challenges you are feeling now are quite apparent, and you are already coping with them. Things won't likely get any harder - you are "there" now.

The only life worth living is the courageous one. You may think you are unlucky to have the difficulties you are facing now, but actually, you are the lucky one, for you are now doing the true work of life, facing problems and fighting them head on and becoming who you truly are. We don't reveal our true measure in times of ease, but rather in times of stress. While in stressful times, none of us have any extra energy to be anything but the person we are at the core - that reflection of you is the one you exert naturally and organically.

What you see in the mirror when you look in the future will be a very strong person you can be proud to say you have come to be. Like the old adage, does the person make the times or the times make the person? I feel when facing a difficult barrage of energy from Saturn and Uranus, it's a little of both, but a little bit more toward the times making the person - and a very fine person you have become, dear Virgo.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your comment. Now I understand it all! Thank God it's gone!Go Saturn go!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent insight and very valuable.

best wishes