07 September 2009

from one lahore to another

i didn't have the opportunity to snap a photo of my delicious parting meal from sf for 2 reasons
1. we waited for 45 minutes and were too stubborn to cancel our order
2. i had to be on a plane in less than an hour
(although my lady friends probs wish i would have missed my flight, they are glad i didn't!)

so we literally shoveled that pakistani party down as fast as we could
then ran to the car holding our little aloo gobi bellies

besides the wait, which can sometimes be intense
lahore is the best indian/pakistani food around.
alot of people know that, but if you haven't been there, GO!
and for a mere 10 buckaroos per person, including a nice tip,
you'll be stuffed like a little samosa:)
oh, and don't forget to b.y.o.b dog

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