07 September 2009

hommie sweet hommie

yeah i made it!
home that is, FINALLY...

and i am very happy to be back.

today was an exceptional day in nyc, quiet, empty streets, sunny with a little breeze.
coffee at 9th st with carter followed up by my fave potato pancake and lox brunch dish at orlin.
a much needed shower, then straight to work!

i've been up for about 37? hours and counting.
i'm looking forward to curling up in my own bed...
for the first time in 42 days!

thank you to ALL of my gracious hosts, to many to list in one little post:)

and yes... it's true:(
good luck in san francisco hommie:)

1 comment:

A A D D A A M M C C said...

tanks mang. miss you back.