01 January 2010

2010, i mean twothousand and ken

this is the year, two thousand and ken.
we left the house with flasks, metrocard and a tight budget.
i did great because a silver fox bought me drinks and noise makers at rosemary's greenpoint tavern
he even tried to give me some cash money, but that made me feel weird, sorta like a hooker.
ken and jorge thought i should have just pocketed the dough and bought them drinks. they were right, sorry dudes!
next time i'll take one for the team.

hilarious, this was matt! he had us splitting a gut all night.
i can't believe that perv left us for home sweet home,
not his house, the bar...
duh, it's matt we're talking about here.

next stop cameo gallery for beach fossils and surfer blood.
fun and dancing and more drinks!

jamisons and gingerales son

ken drew this portrait of jorge, striking resemblance we all agreed.

i'm totally sure that girl was not talking about me teabaggin a flamingo's sack

ken was over budget before midnight and all the whiskey was gone.
michelle sneaked him drinks and all was good.
one more stop before home... a snack maybe?
we totally justified blowing our budget by splitting a burger at dumont.

i mean that's sensible right?
well for sure it was delicious...

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