08 January 2010

working hard, and having a little fun

it's getting down to the wire, time is flying by with the space...
not that i can even keep up...
i am exhausted and totally on autopilot!
painters started today, and we are laying floors next week.

in our search for inexpensive and re-used materials we have poked through the 2 demo/salvage places in the ny area. (its pretty weak compared to the luxuries of endless aisles and outdoor yards of urban ore and omega salvage i used to comb through regularly...)
but we have found what we needed, and more to inspire us and keep us plugging along!
also met some really nice people along the way, thank you thank you for your help...

siren sconces, set of four $1750

tugboat bar $17000, this would make the best bed!

boys in the front, party in the back

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