23 October 2010

who has the keys to the eagle?

sarah, nick and i decided to make a mini mini short film together.  we rounded up 5 hot babes, a super star station wagon, a 5D, a few interns and we were all set.  oh yeah, and a very handsome four legged friend named 26, he was instantly a hit with the cast and crew!

i think our little film is gonna turn out great... after 12 hours of shooting we should at least have a minute or so!  the basic concept was last minute end of summer get out of town trip, we could not have asked for a more beautiful day.

ended the day out at the brooklyn bowl where beach fossils played an awesome free show!
i love them so... so much grace, ken, chris and i started our own little mosh pit off the side:)

and this, above, was just really really impressive.
that's all, that was sunday.

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thayer allyson gowdy said...

cannnot wait to see it!