12 April 2011

yeah i was there, pt. 1

figured i better post these before they announce the next BRUISE CRUISE i mean, assuming that there will be another, (not that i would know or anything....) but take it from me, START SAVING now!!!  (especially if next winter is anything like this past winter, the only place i will want to be is in my bikini on a boat floating in the caribbean sea with a cruiser cocktail in my hand!!)

my spring break started in key west where i got to catch up with my sister and her husband on their big awesome bus that they drive around the country as road reps.  pretty snazzy.  all the busses at this motorcoach stop were big and razzle dazzle, with a fancy car in tow... key west is super touristy.  as you can see i was obsessed with all the chotch.

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