13 April 2011

yeah i was there, pt. 2

here is part 2 of bruise cruise spring break 2011!  miami was awesome.  the weather was perfect, the water was perfect and it's like perma happy hour, every hour, and even in the cabs.  our hotel had at least 3 different happy hours a day, so it was hard to get out of there, but we did manage to take a "quick" trip to little havana.  the coffee was exactly like it was in cuba!  the food was better than cuba, but not by much.  we went to this super old school place, it was pretty neat just to be there and see all the f*** fidele tshirts. 

the boat part was awesome too OMG!!!!  my only wish is that i was on the same side of the ship as the rest of my crew.  the boat is huge so i would just plop myself on the lido deck and wait for my friends to find me.  after a while they caught on, and it sort of became our hub.  gabe was like our personal gopher//group mascot, he hands down had the best outfits and was constantly running around picking up the bottles of smuggled booze from one person's room, or another.  other than lazing in the sun and being served drinks, i didn't do a whole lot on the ship.  (that was the PLAN!  duh.)

we got off the boat in the bahamas and proceeded to get kidnapped in a bus and taken to a little spot with a bunch of seafood restaurants called the fish fry.  turns out the waiter was on the bus trying to collect clientele.  nice angle dude.  it's a cute little zone, and was nice to have a mini adventure, and a little local flavor, but can't say the food was all that outstanding or anything.  after the show and dancing til 3am at senor frogs it was back to the boat for more one more day of fruity cocktails and fun in the sun!!! 

last day was pretty blurry due to the completely free happy hour during and after the thee oh sees show.  oops, oh well!!

the end

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